Thousands of Grafted Wisteria

Thousands of Grafted Wisteria

Thousands of Grafted Wisteria

Each year, Tuscany Growers produce thousands of grafted wisteria which is a very popular variety within their emerging profile.

They concentrate their growing programme for wisteria with a choice of 3, 9 and 18 ltr pots. All varieties are labelled with both names and pictures.

Guaranteed contracts and agreements are available for clients who wish to schedule delivery for a full season.

Expanded Profile

This service ensures that customers are never short of wisteria plant material and the same philosophy applies to rhyncospermum and other varieties.  

Record Sales

Tuscany Growers continue to expand their profile in 2021 with record sales across Europe and the U.K.

'Green : It's our philosophy' remains the perfect mantra for this Pistoia based growers.