Bionema Secures New Patent

Bionema Secures New Patent

Bionema Secures New Patent

Bionema Ltd, a leading biopesticide technology company, has this week (May 26) been granted a UK patent for a novel pest control kit.

This method provides safe and sustainable protection from larval insect pests.

Intensive Agriculture Programme

During the 20th Century, agriculture became steadily more intensive, with heavier machinery, larger fields, and the use of toxic pesticides. However, we inadvertently poisoned our soils, water and air, impacting our own health and that of our planet.

Crops need to be cultivated in a sustainable manner that maximizes yields while not harming the environment. A ready solution lies in bioprotectants – these products are created from highly virulent strains of naturally occurring biological control agents (entomopathogenic nematodes).

Tri-Component Solution

Bionema has always embraced these three elements in the Bionema Tri-Component Solution, which consists of:

*Specially developed, highly virulent strains of beneficial nematodes, NemaTrident®

*A biocompatible wetting agent that helps the nematodes to spread and thrive, Nemaspreader®

*Specialist training and advice on how to optimise the effectiveness of the nematodes.


Now, Bionema has been granted a new patent (UK Patent No. 2581540) that provides this unique tri-component offering ‘in a box’.

“The technology associated with this product is both unique and cost-effective,” declared Dr Minshad Ansari, (above), CEO of Bionema. “Moreover, it is simple and user-friendly when used as part of this kit.