From Seeds to Cuttings

From Seeds to Cuttings

From Seeds to Cuttings

Schneider Youngplants specializes in propagating young plants from seeds and cuttings. Their range includes annuals, biennials and perennials, with an emphasis on cyclamen and vegetable plants.

New Venlo Greenhouse

Following their move to new production facilities at the start of 2021, Schneider Youngplants exchanged their old wide-span greenhouse for a new Venlo greenhouse. Last year, KG Greenhouses constructed a new 3.5 hectare Venlo greenhouse with six compartments, as well as an area for business operations and processing.

Special Knitted Structure

Company Ridder advised on the best screening plan for this new set-up, including  screen fabrics and drive units at the new site.  

The 5 growing compartments in the greenhouses have RLR 99 FR W light restriction screens, which, thanks to its special knitted structure, has good moisture permeability and a stable structure.

Length-Sensitive Crops

The 6th compartment in the greenhouse has been fitted with a blackout screen for growing day length-sensitive crops, such as Viola’s.

Due to the new rural location of the company, Schneider youngplants believes that it is important to limit light emission through the sidewalls of its greenhouses. For this purpose RBO 100 R FR W roller screen is used,  which has a very stable structure and hardly suffers from any shrinkage.