British Bred 'Show Stopper' Nomination

British Bred 'Show Stopper' Nomination

British Bred 'Show Stopper' Nomination

Genesis Plant Marketing are delighted to report that their British Bred Heuchera Frilly has been nominated for the Prestigious Royal Flora Holland Golden Tulip award.

It has a unique and attractive caramel coloured foliage with a ruffled form. The foliage colour changes during the year in shades from caramel to red. The habit is compact and dense and is a perfect plant for all year round interest in a container.

Worldwide Acclaim

The variety is gaining worldwide acclaim and will be released throughout the EU, USA and find its way across to Japan and Australia. Heuchera Frilly is available now in Garden Centres and also via online retailers.

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New for 2022

Genesis Plant Marketing have announced a new variety for 2022. Olearia Spring Bling is covered in bright white Daisy-like flowers.

Silvery Scented Foliage

Described recently by one trial location as another ‘show stopper’, this variety flowers in Mid-April through May and has a fine silvery scented foliage giving further interest. Great as a container plant, stand alone shrub or trim as scented foliage low hedge.