Perfume Princess Now Also in White!

Perfume Princess Now Also in White!

Perfume Princess Now Also in White!

It didn’t take daphne Perfume Princess long to become an institution. She’s only been out for a handful of years but she’s won the best awards and gained the love and respect of the industry and the general public who’ve taken her home.

And it’s obvious why: Perfume Princess is a handsome plant, that grows virtually anywhere, and produces abundant, bigger, gloriously scented flowers. In short, she’s the best daphne around and she’s from Anthony Tesselaar Plants.

Happy to be Moved Around

This daphne’s so deliciously fragrant that you want her nearby. Which is why it’s lucky that Perfume Princess is unfussy and good looking, because you can move her around to keep you company.

Beside the back door, out by the patio table, on the balcony, even on the kitchen bench for a day or so – because this is a plant that grows happily in a wide range of conditions. And because it’s also a good looking bush (unlike old fashioned daphne which tends to be a bit straggly) it’s also a great looking pot plant.

Super Easy to Grow Anywhere by Anyone

In the garden, daphne Perfume Princess will grow into a dense upright bush, taking up roughly an area of one square metre, once established. There’s no need to prune, but if you do shape the plant, do it just after flowering in spring to promote lots of fresh growth.

Stop Press... There’s a White Perfume Princess..!

So what could top such a great plant? The same plant, but in pure, icy, glistening-snow white. That’s right, instead of the usual Perfume Princess’s soft pink flowers, the new white version has pure white flowers that are just as large, abundant and headily perfumed with the hint of a citrus undertone.

Demand is expected to be very high so forward ordering is the way to go.