Controlled Environment Innovation 

Controlled Environment Innovation 

Controlled Environment Innovation 

Driving productivity and demonstrating value for growers engaged with controlled environment agriculture (CEA) is of primary focus for U.K. Government agri-tech centre, CHAP.

With controlled environments such as greenhouses and vertical farming units growing in popularity, it’s becoming ever important to demonstrate the wide-ranging benefits of such systems.

From maximising gross margins to reducing the carbon footprint for food production, CEA is a prime solution for growers hoping to address these important issues.

Advanced Glasshouse Facility

One of CHAP (Crop Health & Protection)’s innovative CEA solutions is the Advanced Glasshouse Facility at Stockbridge Technology Centre near Selby, U.K. This enables new plant protection products and integrated pest management (IPM) programmes to be robustly assessed in field, glasshouse, and hydroponic systems. 

Robustly Tested

For growers, this can mean improved availability of robustly tested novel biopesticides and associated IPM programmes.

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