Ground-Breaking Plant Health Planner

Ground-Breaking Plant Health Planner

Ground-Breaking Plant Health Planner

To help growers plan ahead and optimise plant health on nurseries year-round, ICL has developed a ground-breaking new Plant Health Planner.

“A digital web-based tool, it is designed to both simplify and optimise plant health programmes on UK nurseries,” explains ICL Technical Area Sales Manager, Sam Rivers. “In line with the Sustainable Use Directive, it will help growers reduce their reliance on chemical crop protection products.

Sustainable IPM Approach

“With an ever-diminishing range of available chemicals, growers are adopting a different mindset and a more sustainable IPM approach to keeping their crops healthy. This means cultural controls are growing in importance again as the first line of defence, followed by programmed biological approaches to boost plant health and control target pests and diseases.

Nursery Production Plan

“Once set up, nursery production staff can access their Plan via a mobile, tablet or desktop computer,” explains Sam. “Easy to use, they simply clicking on the week number to view recommended actions.

The Planner features recommendations around ICL’s expanding range of biological products plus the broad-spectrum fungicide Amistar.

Biostimulant Products

Biological products include the Seeka nematode range for controlling vine weevil larvae, WFT and sciarid fly, the award-winning biorational Pitcher for controlling vine weevil eggs, the biofungicide PreStop as well as ICL’s proven range of biostimulant products including Hicure (above) and the Vitalnova range.