Blended Format for GreenTech Amsterdam 

Blended Format for GreenTech Amsterdam 

Blended Format for GreenTech Amsterdam 

GreenTech Live & Online will be organised as an alternative event in blended format from 28 - 30 September 2021.

Organiser RAI Amsterdam expects the event will be more feasible after the summer period due to the openness to travel and the vaccination programmes. The aim is to organise a high-quality blended event which makes it possible to connect with the Global Horticulture community both physical and digital.

Global Health

"The horticulture industry has an important role in the global health situation and in building a healthier society following the epidemic. Developments in the industry are still following at a rapid pace. The demand for doing business and sharing knowledge is greater than ever and there is a willingness to finally meet again physically." 

Nevertheless, the timing of June was re-examined because of the uncertain time frame. At the end of September more opportunities to re-engage the horticulture community are expected.  

Vital Elements

Mariska Dreschler, Director Horticulture of GreenTech said “We recognize that no digital connection will replace the physical interaction, but having said that, virtual elements are here to stay. The horticulture market is thriving, knowledge sharing and innovations are key to stay on top of the wave. To provide these insights we have successfully organised a variety of online events during the pandemic period for our community."

New Audiences

"These resulted in reaching new audiences, increasing engagement and thus expanding our global community. Therefore we are very committed to organise an alternative event this year, instead of our full physical show. We are looking forward to the spirit and energy of a blended event with visitors, exhibitors and their solutions this September.”

GreenTech Live & Online will be held from Tuesday 28th – Thursday 30th September 2021.

*GreenTech Amsterdam, in full physical format, is now scheduled for Tuesday 14th – Thursday 16th June 2022.