Attractive Caramel Foliage

Attractive Caramel Foliage

Attractive Caramel Foliage 

As Garden Centre and Mail Order Plant Sales continue their buoyant start to 2021 and look set to continue in that trend, interest for new products from retailers and growers in the UK remains very strong. 

Genesis Plant Marketing report that EU interest for UK bred new products is also good and relationships with our EU partners are solid, despite the challenges of Brexit.

New Release

A new release initially through mail order in the UK and originally bred by Thompson & Morgan is Jasminum x stephanense 'Starry Starry Summer Scent' (above).

The starry pink flowers are sweetly scented and fade to white at the edge of each petal, giving it a pretty bicolour appearance. This charming Jasmine is a vigorous twining climber, which will quickly cover trellis, pergolas and obelisks. Plant it close to a well-used seating area, or an entrance way where you can breathe in its perfume every time you pass.

Although hardy to -10c at least this deciduous climbing will perform better if planted in a warm, sheltered spot. Wider commercial supplies will come available in 2022.

Attractive Caramel Foliage 

Heuchera Frilly (above) will hit Garden Centres this month and is available now via online retailers. This attractive caramel coloured foliage has a unique ruffled form. The foliage colour changes during the year in shades from caramel to red. The habit is compact and dense and is a perfect plant for all year round interest in a container.

The variety is gaining worldwide acclaim and will be released throughout the EU, USA and find its way across to Japan and Australia.

Check out more on this YouTube promotion:

Pittosporum tenuifolium Bannow Bay

Bannow Bay (above) missed the benefit of its Chelsea Launch in 2020, but none the less is becoming established as a popular colour changing shrub offering all year round interest and is now widely available in Garden Centres and online.

A compact, well branched mound forming Pittosporum with colour changing foliage starting off light green with a cream edge and changing colour through late summer. By autumn it becomes a mottled green and burgundy effect moving to a deeper burgundy after frost.