Spring Brings an Explosion of Nature!

Spring Brings an Explosion of Nature!

Spring Brings an Explosion of Nature!

Tuscany Growers are ready to provide the market with a wide selection from their colourful range of vibrant plant material. Sales for the new season have reached record levels as the consumer seeks to create a green home environment during lockdown.

Shock of Colour To Rejuvenate Life!

There is currently a need and desire for fresh, replacement planting in balconies, terrace and gardens across Europe. As the world seeks to find solace in the array of blooms that plants can provide, Tuscany Growers are in a prime position to supply some high quality solutions.

Time to Lift the Lockdown

With the lighter days and evenings, now there is more time to address your environment and lift the spirits through this restrictive period. There are some fantastic vivid colours available right now. These include Photinia compacta, pink marble, pink crispy, Loropetalum black Pearl and Fede (balls, cone etc) Prunus laurocerasus novita and Camellia japonica.

Prunus laurocerasus novita 

In terms of the period between Spring and Summer, Tuscany Growers already have a window on this period, well beyond Easter. Demand is soaring as home becomes a 24-7 environment.

Impressive Video 'Tour'

While personal visits to their nursery in Pistoia are restricted, you can click this link to view the impressive video tour of their Tuscan Production!

Photinia pink marble

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