Plant Trends for Spring Time Sales

Plant Trends for Spring Time Sales

Plant Trends for Spring Time Sales

Which garden plants are trending at Groen-Direkt for the period of April and May? In the middle of the season, garden centres tend to go for a very wide assortment.

What emerges in the Top 10 are a few perennials such as Hydrangea, Buxus and Euonymus, supplemented with bedding plants. In general, the major turnover in these months is in woody plants. Later in the season, perennials will move up the rankings.

Top 10 April-May

On the Basis of Numbers:                                

1) Hydrangea

2) Euonymus

3) Lavandula

4) Buxus

5) Pelargonium

6) Hebe

7) Bedding plants

8) Dianthus

9) Sempervivum

10) Osteospermum

On the Basis of Turnover:

1) Hydrangea

2) Buxus

3) Acer

4) Prunus

5) Lavandula

6) Euonymus

7) Rosa

8) Hebe

9) Clematis

10) Ilex

Clematis is Highlighted

A striking plant in the overview is Clematis, also called woodland vine. The Clematis just made it into the Top 10 this month because of the evergreen species armandii. Besides flowering early, it also bears strongly scented flowers.

This last characteristic is unique to this variety. At the end of April the first montana types start flowering.

Pendulous Flowers

All species like to stand in the full sun provided their base is in the shade. The small-flowered types have pendulous flowers with a diameter of 2 to 8 centimetres, the large-flowered ones have upright flowers with a diameter of 12 to 20 centimetres.

From mid-February until September, the Clematis are in great supply.