New Location Boosts Spring Production

New Location Boosts Spring Production

New Location Boosts Spring Production

The new location for Schneider Plants BV in Woudrichem, Netherlands is now in full swing.

This production area in Woudrichem is a 3.5 hectares area including a state-of-the-art greenhouse, and a modern processing area hosting automated machines used in the production process.

Schneider report that production is going well with plenty of stock available right now for the Spring season.

Production Video Update

Schneider BV have produced a 4 minute video to view how their new production facilities are working. Click the image below to view this latest promotion.

New Introductions

You can also view their new-look website including some inspirational photographs about the construction of their greenhouses and a separate product group where you can find all their new introductions.

Upper left: Iresine Red  Upper right: Portulaca Happy Hour

Bottom left: Cosmos Sonata Mix  Bottom right: Coleus Kong Rose

Current Stock List 

Their website also includes their current stock list which is up-dated twice daily. If you find something interesting on their stock list, send your order to [email protected] and Schneider will ensure that you receive your plants as soon as possible.