Magnolias Ready for the Flowering Season!

Magnolias Ready for the Flowering Season!

Magnolias Ready for the Flowering Season!

Tuscany Growers are now gearing up for the Spring and have top quality Magnolia, in full bud and available to order.

These include Magnolia multi stem, multi stem umbrella, half standard, high standard, bush. In the following varieties Stellata, susan, heaven scent, soulangeana , galaxy, kobus, loebneri merrill and leonard messel.

Magnolia galaxy, heaven scent multistem

Plants for Hedges

As 'Greening the Home & Garden' gathers pace, privacy becomes more important in the 'new normal'. Their range of Viburnum Tinus Eve Price Hedges are already in demand for spring planting. Leylandii too are now very popular, after years of no interest now leylandii is again a good idea for hedges.

Cupressocyparis leylandii

Pleached Trees and Frame

Tuscany Growers are able to supply many varieties of pleached trees and frame from the base to screen and protect your private life from neighbours. These include Photinia, elaeagnus, rhyncospermum, magnolia and quercus ilex.

Easing Supply Chain Issues

Tuscany Growers have already set in place an extensive programme to alleviate potential issues with their supply chain. By using the REX exporter system, this provides certification for the origin of goods. It simplifies export procedures and reduces custom fees.

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