'Communing with Nature' Week

'Communing with Nature' Week

'Communing with Nature' Week

[email protected]’s calendar includes a series of dedicated weeks throughout the year.

They kicked off with Houseplant Appreciation Week this month. This follows on from the American one day celebration of the same name and coincided with Houseplant Week U.K.

Huge Growth in Houseplants

Their mission throughout this week is to promote the amazing benefits of houseplants which have made a big come-back in terms of popularity.

[email protected] are promoting their many benefits daily via its website and social media platforms. they also have a section on the website which lists much of the collected research over the years, plus a section which shows our various publications some of which are downloadable.

Calendar 2021

There is a calendar of events (below) which includes their future programme of 'dedicated weeks' including various topics throughout the year for anyone who wishes to add these to their diaries. These include:

February 8 – 12

'Communing with Nature' week

March 8 – 12

'Gardens, Roofs & Balconies particularly around offices' week

April 12 -16

Green Walls week

May 10 – 15

Big Interior Trees week

June 14 – 18

Favourite Office Plant 2021 week

July 12 – 16

National Plants at Work Week

August 9 – 13

The History of Houseplants week

September 6 – 10

Gala Awards and Award winning schemes week

October 11 – 15

Favourite Christmas Plant 2021 week

November 8 -12

Christmas Week

For more information, please visit www.plantsatwork.org.uk