Boosting Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals

Boosting Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals

Boosting Stress Tolerance in Ornamentals

Hicure, a powerful, natural and flexible biostimulant, has been launched by Syngenta and will be distributed by ICL.

This liquid formulation contains a blend of easily absorbed amino acids and peptides proven to improve plant quality and boost tolerance to environmental stresses such as drought and high temperatures.


“Hicure provides the nitrogen-rich molecules that are the building blocks for all the complex enzymes and other proteins the plant manufactures,” says Glenn Kirby, UK Technical Manager for Syngenta Ornamentals.

“Healthy plants produce their own amino acids through complex physiological processes but it takes energy that could otherwise be used for other aspects of growth and development."

Natural Source

"By providing a natural source of ready-made amino acids and peptides during periods of abiotic stress, you can help to bypass this process, delivering the necessary building blocks for the plant to create the proteins it needs."

This saves energy and stops the waste of breaking down existing proteins. “The result is the plant can then make more efficient use of its resources, conserve energy and is better able to withstand stress.”

A First for Syngenta & ICL

Hicure is the first product Syngenta is launching exclusively in partnership with the professional horticulture division of ICL.

“Biostimulants and other biological products are becoming an increasingly important element of growers’ crop management programmes and we aim to lead development in this field,” says Daniel Lightfoot, Syngenta Ornamentals UK Business Manager." 

“ICL is a recognised authority in plant health and nutrition and we’re looking forward to collaborating with them to help growers make the most effective use of Hicure and a range of other new products we have under development.”

Current Trials 

ICL has already been working with nurseries such as bedding and pot plant producer Arden Lea Nurseries in Lancashire on trials to help growers get the best from Hicure under UK conditions.

“Our partnership with Syngenta Ornamentals should bring real benefits to growers,” says ICL Marketing Communications Manager Adam Ferjani.

To find your ICL distributor visit  or call ICL’s customer service team on 01473 237111.