Hort Science Online Tackles Future Challenges!

Hort Science Online Tackles Future Challenges!

Hort Science Online Tackles Future Challenges!

Designed to help the ornamentals sector tackle some of the key challenges of 2021, ICL’s Hort Science Online (HSO) topical content is now available to all at www.hort-science.com

The three popular online HSO events, which went live in October, November and December 2020, were accessed by over 290 ornamental growers, advisors and horticultural students.  

Highly Rated Programme

Feedback from attendees gave HSO an average rating of 4.3 out of 5, while 100% of respondents said they would attend a similar digital event in 2021 and eight out of ten would recommend HSO to a friend or colleague.     

“With the changing lockdown and social distancing restrictions, it was a challenging project to deliver. However, we succeeded in bringing together nineteen workstations covering a diverse range of topics of interest to the ornamentals sector,” says ICL’s Marketing Communications Manager Adam Ferjani (pictured).

Reducing Reliance on Peat

“Growers in the UK and Ireland are facing a number of challenges in the year ahead – not least the need to re-evaluate growing substrate mixes to reduce reliance on peat, to keep up-to-date and vigilant regarding biosecurity issues and to embrace new IPM strategies to control vine weevil and other pests,” says Adam. “A natural progression from our popular Hort Science Live events, HSO uses a digital platform to deliver content to help growers meet these challenges head on". 

ICL’s Technical Area Sales Manager, Steve Chapman is pictured below, giving his HSO presentation regarding H2Gro - ICL’s unique wetting agent.  

ICL’s Technical Area Sales Manager, Steve Chapman

Second Series Planned

“We’re extremely grateful to the industry experts who took part, as well as the growers who granted us access to film several presentations in nursery settings. To broaden the subject area, we were delighted to work with organisations including Syngenta, BASF, the John Innes Centre, the Happy Plant Company, Forest Research and the Plant Healthy Certification Scheme".   

“We plan to facilitate a second series of HSO events in Autumn 2021.”