Positive Vibes from Microflor!

Positive Vibes from Microflor!

Positive Vibes from Microflor!

15 years ago, MicroFlor took their first steps in the breeding of Helleborus. This has now grown into a production of some 52 varieties of young plants in all colours, pot sizes and flower shapes.

New Helleborus Greenhouse

Microflor is all about growth. They are building a brand-new Helleborus greenhouse adjacent to their breeding company. With 3000 m² of extra space, this will allow Microflor to further develop their range of high-quality products in the best possible conditions.

Improved Light Diffusion

The roof will feature diffused glass with high haze, a first for Microflor! This special glass has a positive effect, offering improved light diffusion and penetration, reduced stress for the crop and a lower plant temperature.  

The plants will be watered by a semi-automatic watering robot, allowing provision of water and fertilisers in a highly targeted and efficient way. 

Strong Innovation

Thanks to the interaction with their customers, Microflor continue to innovate and surprise the trade with new products!

These include ViV®Valeria (202): an ericsmithii like no other. This fast grower blooms very reliably from the end of October onwards. The pink buds develop into white flowers and then beautiful pink blooms that provide ornamental value for months.

The sleek lines ensure smooth loading on the trolley. Thanks to its naturally compact nature, there is no need for growth inhibitors. P13 – P19.

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If you are interested in our Helleborus range, feel free to contact Account Manager Stefanie Desmet.

You can reach her at [email protected] or simply explore the varieties in our catalogue.