High-tech Greenhouse Scores Highest

High-tech Greenhouse Scores Highest

High-Tech Greenhouse Scores Highest

Research plays an important role at Grodan and is aimed at making their products and production methods even more sustainable and efficient. Grodan are very aware how investigation into the horticultural sector as a whole can contribute to more sustainable and efficient food production.

Sustainable Development

During World Science Day back in November, they offered a preview of an important study that was conducted during 2020 by their partner Wageningen University & Research and made possible by Grodan.

Comparing four cultivation Methods

The study was focused on the sustainability and efficiency of high-tech and low-tech cultivation, both organic and conventional. The scores of these four different cultivation methods were examined for the various UN development goals.

A crucial conclusion from the research is that conventional high-tech greenhouse horticulture is more sustainable than other cultivation methods, which is very important news for this sector.

Standard Method for many Vegetables

Sander van Golberdinge (above), the Research Initiator at Grodan, explained “High-tech horticulture is not positioned enough as the solution to the world's food problem. We work in a protected growing environment which consists of everything required to become the standard method for many vegetables. However, awareness around the subject is relatively low and that is a missed opportunity”.

Research Available Shortly

The research report will be launched in early 2021, so keep an eye on the website below and social media channels utilised by Grodan.