Breeder Plants Have a New Star for 2021!

Breeder Plants Have a New Star for 2021!

Breeder Plants Have a New Star for 2021!

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Petite Star’ is the first introduction from Breeder Plants within their compact collection. Petite comprises compact growing paniculate varieties which change colour during the summer.

Compact Growing Hortensia

Petite Star’ is a compact growing Hortensia with dense and numerous flowers. 'Petite Star’ starts flowering end June with lime coloured flowers which change quickly to white.

In August, during the development, the flowers change to pink. By the end of August/early September she changes all the way to red. ‘Petite Star’ reaches a height of 50cm and will be about 90cm width.

Perfect Landscape Plant

This makes her the perfect Landscape plant. However, displaying her on a terrace in a decorative pot will create a further surprise for you. She will be a real ‘Eyecatcher’ in your garden and you will love her!

Very Heat Tolerant

Her flowers are 15cm width and 15cm long which are covering the whole plant when she is in full flower. ‘Petite Star’ can handle easy temperatures like – 25 degrees Celsius and is very heat tolerant.

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*Hydrangea paniculata COUSTAR02 (Petite Star) is applied for European Breeders rights at the CPVO in Angers (FR) under number: EU20193292. Propagation without permission from Licenseholder is prohibited.