Two Small Tales of Christmas Cheer!

Two Small Tales of Christmas Cheer!

Two Small Tales of Christmas Cheer!

Ready or not, Christmas is well and truly on the horizon!

At Green Team Interiors, like many other businesses in this industry, they are hard at work preparing and fulfilling orders for their customers across the South East of England.

Back in August

Green Team began their sales effort in earnest way back in August and almost immediately spotted something rather wonderful.

The usual response in other years to a call or email went something along the lines of…’What, Christmas? We’ve only just had our summer holidays!’

….But not this Year

Almost without exception the response has been remarkably positive ‘Oh wow, yes Christmas, great’, it’s almost as though in a year of uncertainty, people have something to rely upon, an absolute anchor that cannot be moved. Enthusiasm is well and truly on the up!

Reigning In!

Some customers have inevitably taken the decision to either reign in (sleigh reference there) or in a few cases, cancel their plans to decorate offices this year. It makes sense of course, that if plans are made not to return to offices until the New Year, workplace Christmas decorations might be considered a little extravagant.

Donating to Charities

Customers that will not be opening their offices have begun to donate their decorations to charities.

One such organisation benefitting from this corporate generosity is Sebastian’s Action Trust, a wonderful charity offering support, completely free of charge, to families of children and young adults with life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.

Christmas Spirit

So, the Christmas spirit is alive and well, and at Green Team Interiors, they could not be happier.

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