Rooting Media to Grow Your Business!

Rooting Media to Grow Your Business!

Rooting Media to Grow Your Business!

Terragrow Cocopeat is developing their rooting media to be able to serve an increased number of growers worldwide.

They are currently supplying their substrates to many growers for their crops like tomatoes, peppers, egg plants, cucumber and several other vegetables.

To Suit all Climates

Terragrow cocopeat is offering very homogeneous and high quality coir mixtures, which could be the best for every climate, crop and irrigation strategies preferred by the grower.

Cocopeat is one of the renown products for best rooting and growing media. It can be used to grow all kind of plants from seedlings to vegetables and from flowers to trees. Also Alonso soft fruits and medicinal cannabis plants.

Blueberry Mixture 

Following the new trend and the demand of the market for blueberries, Terragrow has developed high quality mixtures for growing blueberries.

These mixtures can be supplied premixed and pressed in grow bags or can be supplied in blocks or bricks. If the production will be done in pots or containers, the grower can put the bricks directly in the pot or container.

Cannabis in Cocopeat 

Growing medicinal cannabis in cocopeat is also a great way to produce high quality plants. This applies to both new starters and professional growers.

So... Terragrow Cocopeat is offering you the best rooting and growing media to grow your business!

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