Last Orders called on Exemptor!

Last Orders called on Exemptor!

Last Orders called on Exemptor!

UK growers have just two months to place their last orders for Exemptor (Thiacloprid) ready incorporated into Levington growing media mixes, warns ICL.

'All final orders for Exemptor will be dependent on availability of stock,' explains Martin Donnelly, ICL Sales Development Manager.  'I urge growers - do not delay, plan ahead and place your orders as soon as possible.' 

Late - January 2021

“Growers can no longer purchase straight Exemptor for self-incorporation into their growing media. In the UK, the final cut-off for placing orders for Exemptor ready-incorporated in to Levington Advance Solutions or Sustain growing media mixes is 22 January 2021 - with last delivery by 29 January 2021.

'These cut-off dates may differ slightly, depending on the growing media manufacturer. UK growers should check with their supplier now, to avoid missing crucial deadlines. The final use-up date for Exemptor is 3 February 2021'. 

New Penetrant

'Looking to the future of vine weevil control, ICL is committed to helping UK growers forge an IPM approach,' says Martin.

'We recently launched a new penetrant - Transporter - to optimise performance of our Vine Weevil Seeka products by boosting nematode performance. In addition, our new award-winning biorational pesticide Pitcher uniquely targets vine weevil eggs and early instar stages.'

ICL developments in vine weevil control are highlighted in the three Hort Science Online events scheduled over the autumn

Calendar for Exemptor Revocation

Great Britain and Northern Ireland:

Last orders for incorporation in to ICL’s Levington Advance Solutions and Sustain growing media*

29th January 2021                             

Last delivery date for growing media incorporated Exemptor

3rd February 2021                           

The final date for Exemptor (disposal, storage and use) by all end users

*Orders will be dependent on availability of stock. Date is for ICL Levington Advance professional growing media only and will differ depending on growing media supplier. The revocation dates for growers in the Republic of Ireland differs from the U.K.