Online Tours for Cyclamen Open Days

Online Tours for Cyclamen Open Days

Online Tours for Cyclamen Open Days

Every autumn, Schoneveld breeding in Wilp, Netherlands, receives customers and colleagues to view the full range of Cyclamen and other products.

This year, because of COVID-19, it is not possible to come to the greenhouses in Wilp for many interested parties. Fortunately, with their online tours, Schoneveld an still show their latest plant material.

Year of the Leopardo

During the Cyclamen Open Days 2020, they will present all new and existing products from their range. This year extra attention is paid to the youngest member of the Cyclamen family: the Super Serie Leopardo.

This large-flowered Cyclamen is stands out for its particularly good heat resistance. That makes the Leopardo an excellent product for warm climates. The early flowering and easy cultivation make it a plant that is special in its kind.

Super Serie Leopardo

Sowing & Cultivation Techniques

You will also have access to the various cultivation trials on their site. Schoneveld will expand on their various sowing and cultivation techniques, prevention and control. There will be further details into their product-market combinations and retail concepts. 

Register Now!

You can register for the Cyclamen Open Days 2020 or for the online tours via their area managers and growing advisors. The contact details of the specialist for each region can be found via the button below.

Cyclamen Super Serie

Request Brochure

It is also possible to take a look at the current range in advance. You can request a brochure via the button below to be fully informed about all these products.

The Open Days will run from October 19th - November 6th.