Complete Programme Online!

Complete Programme Online!

Complete Programme Online!

GrootGroenPlus will host a digital edition of the trade fair next week from 30th September to 2nd October.

To ensure a complete trade fair programme, a professional studio is being built at the trade fair location in Zundert. In this studio, many 15-minute talks with speakers, partners, and experts will be recorded. A camera crew, sound technician and interpreter will make sure that the live programme is accessible to all viewers.

Videos of Participants

GGP will be streaming Dutch and English videos of its participants. These videos will show plants and products, with a reference to the digital stand number. The complete schedule will be uploaded to the quadrilingual app and the website shortly.

The event will also broadcast guided tours at Tenax Tree-Plugs & Seeds, Damen Boomkwekerij (below), and Business Centre Treeport, and following this, will provide some information about Coöperatieve Vereniging Treeport.

3-Day Interactive Fair 

The trade fair programme will be divided into three days, freely accessible for viewers from 9:00 - 18:00 through the website and the app. They do not need to register in advance. Everything will be made available in Dutch and English.

Thanks to this interactive set-up, visitors will get the idea that they are really ‘walking’ past the stands of the participants, and are actually viewing all the products. This will create engagement between the public and the trade fair and participants.