Technical Excellence Award for 'Pitcher GR'

Technical Excellence Award for 'Pitcher GR'

Technical Excellence Award for 'Pitcher GR'

Pitcher GR is the new biorational for the suppression of Black Vine Weevil eggs and early instar larval stages.

It has won the Technical Excellence award in the recent Spirit of Four Oaks Product of the Year awards.

Pest Control Armoury

Available exclusively from ICL and its distributors, Pitcher GR is a timely new tool in the IPM armoury for controlling this potentially devastating pest.  Judge Sally Drury (Technical Editor, Horticulture Week) said: "As we lose more and more conventional chemicals these products are becoming increasingly important."

Stabilized Garlic Extract

Developed by independent UK-based biopesticide company Ecospray, Pitcher GR is based on a stabilized from of garlic extract.  When applied to growing media, the active substance Diallyl polysulphide – dissolves through the cuticle starting a cascade chain reaction causing vine weevil eggs or early instars to die due to overwhelming oxidative stress.

Containerised Ornamental Plants

“For use in containerised ornamental plants growing outside or under protection, Pitcher GR is recommended for use in conjunction with beneficial nematodes in an integrated pest management (IPM) programme,” explains ICL’s Sales Development Manager Martin Donnelly. 

Future Proof Alternative

“With the imminent loss of thiachloprid (Exemptor) early next year, biorationals are a future proof alternative for growers to employ. Used in conjunction with our Seeka beneficial nematodes which target vine weevil larvae, Pitcher GR bolsters overall control by targeting younger stages of the pest.”