Reusable Trays Boost Sustainability

Reusable Trays Boost Sustainability

Reusable Trays Boost Sustainability

Beekenkamp Group produce more than 2 billion young plants per year from within a total area of ​​greenhouses of 90 hectares. 

Since 2018, Beekenkamp Plants have been working with their new reusable BKX-trays.

Larger-Scale Employment

From this season, they began to employ these on a much larger scale for nearly all their seed-raised products. The decision for expand their usage came from the increased importance to become more sustainable, coupled with need that more plant material needs to be processed mechanically.

Beekenkamp aim to become even more sustainable and switching to a plastic tray is key to this. It's a tray that was readily available so was then selected and named the BKX-tray.

Unique Tracking Tag  

An important part of this is the returning of the tray. In order to support the process in a good and clear way, they have chosen for a deposit system. Every tray has an unique tracking RFID tag so Beekenkamp will know exactly which trays have been sent to which customer.