Adding 'Blue' to a Flowering Garden

Adding 'Blue' to a Flowering Garden

Adding 'Blue' to a Flowering Garden

The best way to add blue to a flowering garden is with a selection of 'compact' Blue Agapanthus! 

You need one of the well-bred narrow leafed types like the Storm®Agapanthus series, all growing on compact bushes with stems of 30-40cms.

Well-bred plants are worth adding to your list of favourites because you can count on them to perform. Storm Agapanthus grow fast, without fuss, and produces more flowers over a longer period of time than other agapanthus. There are some really great blue options to choose from.

Blue Storm Agapanthus at Truffaut Garden Centre, France.  

Softest Blue

When you want blue flowers as far as the eye can see, plant a mass of Agapanthus Blue Storm. This member of the Storm series is the softest blue and it produces the most flowers, up to 100 on mature plants growing in full sun. It also flowers over the longest period with a main flush in summer with added flowerings in spring and autumn.

Border Planting or Patio Pots

Storm Agapanthus are well bred and compact, fast and easy to grow. There are more flowers on less foliage than traditional big leafed agapanthus varieties and there are three useful blue options available. This makes them ideal for border planting or patio pots.

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*Image top right: Winter Storm Agapanthus