[email protected] Members Recognised!

Plants@work Members Recognised!

[email protected] Members Recognised!

Last week saw the annual [email protected] awards presented digitally.   

Members were 'presented' with 38 awards in a virtual ceremony including a Lifetime Achievement Award, three Best Category Awards plus Gold and Silver Leaf Awards.

Members had entered the prestigious Leaf Awards by the end of January this year. The independent panel of judges had visited and assessed the sites but the pandemic lockdown meant the usual annual awards’ ceremony could not take place.

Rewarding Creativity & Design 

Finally, yesterday a virtual ceremony rewarded members’ creativity, design skills, care and dedication as well as their patience. Of course, a virtual ceremony doesn’t lessen the importance of these awards and recognition of members’ skills as those attending confirmed.

Best Project 2020 Design & Installation

There were two awards in this category:

Greenscene Interior Design Ltd for Marlin Hotel, Dublin (pictured top right).

Judge Greg Redwood thought that the “Marlin Hotel, Dublin was one of the most impressive sites I saw this year, even though much of it is replica foliage. The replica Olive tree in the restaurant area is stunning, as are the replica green walls and plants throughout it.

Plant Designs Ltd for Societe Generale

Greg Redwood commented “Societe Generale (above) was a very impressive scheme, and the best I saw this year. Great variety in the range of plants chosen and all well-suited to their positions.  

100 Gold Awards

One special mention to Indoor Garden Design who won a number of awards this year including a Gold Leaf Award for the Design & Installation at Amazonico. This marks their 100th Gold Leaf Award to date.

Special Achievements

A Lifetime Achievement Award was 'presented to Richard Stapleton (above) from Greenscene Interior Display Ltd. Richard is celebrating 50 years of outstanding contribution to the interior landscaping and the horticultural industry.

The virtual event was kindly sponsored by Koberg Bv and Greenscene Interior Plant Displays Ltd.