The Best Looking Canna!

The Best Looking Canna!

The Best Looking Canna!

Canna Tropicanna® is the best-looking canna around. It has been a leading player in the Anthony Tesselaar profile for many years.

It's the one you notice if you’re checking out a line up of available canna options.


Tropicanna® looks glorious, lush-leafed, and bursting with good health. Anyone with a horticulturist’s eye can see the Tropicanna® potential for growth and height.

Take a look at this and you’ll see why Tropicanna® is a stand out plant. 

Three Great Options

All of this applies to each of the three Tropicanna® options currently available: classic Tropicanna® with its rainbow stripes and tangerine flowers; the purple black foliage of Tropicanna® Black (below) with orange scarlet flowers; and Tropicanna® Gold’s green and gold striped leaves and orange yellow flowers (above).

Behind the TM®

It’s obvious but also worth pointing out that the Tropicanna® trademark hints at the horticultural and marketing expertise behind this great canna. Firstly, all genuine Tropicanna® (produced only under license from Tesselaar) is grown from elite managed stock programs making it the cleanest material around.

Quality Standards

Only Tesselaar licensed growers can use the Tropicanna trademark, which ensuries quality standards are maintained. It’s also how customers can be certain they’re accessing both the best stock and rights to use the Tropicanna® trademark.