On-Line Format for Green Industry Events

On-Line Format for Green Industry Events

On-Line Format for Green Industry Events

The International Green is Life & Flower Expo Poland connects producers and recipients in all sectors of ornamental horticulture.

September 2020 would have been the 28th Edition. However, the Covid -19 virus pandemic and subsequent limitations thwarted their plans.

Autumn 2021

The 28th edition of Green is Life & Flower Expo Poland has been moved to 2-4 September 2021.

For 2020, there is a new On-Line format. The organisers remain convinced that business promotion, the exchange of information and the building relationships with customers are a continuous process that does not tolerate breaks and downtime.

Virtual Catalogue

Through the www.greenislife.pl website, participants be able to reach up- to- the- minute information about listed companies and their product / service offers. A virtual catalogue, with extended search functions for information, photographs and other forms of graphic presentation, will facilitate the search for information and easy contact between exhibitors and buyers.

Available until December 2nd

The online space will permit easy demand creation, the examination of customer behaviour, responding to questions and ultimately, to take orders. The offer of participants will be available from now until 2nd December 2020.