Last Orders Please... for ‘straight’ Exemptor

Last Orders Please... for ‘straight’ Exemptor

Last Orders Please... for ‘Straight’ Exemptor

With the recent revocation of the licence for Thiacloprid, time is running out for UK growers to place final orders for ‘straight’ Exemptor. The cut-off date is August 3rd, warns ICL’s Sales and Development Manager, Martin Donnelly.

“Growers are still heavily reliant on ‘straight’ Exemptor, which they self-incorporate into growing media.They should not delay and get their last orders in to distributors as soon as possible,” he says.

'Ready Incorporated'

“Exemptor is also widely sold ‘ready incorporated’ into growing media mixes and, in this instance, has a different revocation date for final sales. Ready incorporated into Levington Advance Solutions or Sustain growing media mixes, the final deadline for orders is 22 January 2021, with last delivery by 29 January." 

"However, this 22 January cut-off date may differ depending on the growing media manufacturer – so we urge growers to check with their supplier well in advance," concludes Martin (below).

Great Britain and Northern Ireland – Dates for Exemptor Revocation

3rd August 2020          

All sales for distribution of straight Exemptor product are to finish both in to distribution and direct to growers.

22nd January 2021*                      

Last orders for incorporation in to ICL’s Levington Advance Solutions and Sustain growing media*

29th January 2021                             

Last delivery date for growing media incorporated Exemptor

3rd February 2021         

The final date for Exemptor (disposal, storage and use) by all end users.                


Growers Take Note!

*Orders will be dependent on availability of stock. *This date (Jan 22nd 2021) is for ICL Levington Advance professional growing media only and will differ depending on growing media supplier.    

The revocation dates for growers in the Republic of Ireland differ. 

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