Reducing Mental Stress

Reducing Mental Stress

Reducing Mental Stress

This is National Plants at Work Week 2020, where the Interior Landscape Sector is concentrating on helping those who have found the last few months harrowing.

From worrying about catching COVID-19 to passing it on, plus missing loved ones and concerns over job and business security, lockdown has created high levels of mental stress.

Boom in Houseplants

Several studies have shown that houseplants help to reduce mental stress at work. So during this week, [email protected] will be encouraging everyone to use plants in their home or commercial offices to help reduce stress levels.

Working from Home

This Association recommends including houseplants as part of your home office set up. Knowing that being able to see houseplants from your desk has a very positive effect on our mental health makes them an easy decoration choice. In fact, it it seen as an essential need rather than just decoration.

Surrounded by Nature

[email protected] Chair, Madeleine Evans of Tivoli Services confirms that houseplants in your home office are beneficial, “Bringing the outside in ensures we are surrounded by nature, something we innately crave, and helps to keep us calm." 

"Houseplants also freshen the air, improve our productivity and increase our creativity. All positive reasons to include houseplants in your home-working set-up. I would recommend plants wherever you work.”  

Sponsored by Koberg Bv

[email protected] will be promoting plants are 'Good for Us' throughout National Plants at Work Week (July 13-17) sponsored by Koberg Bv.