The Future has a Positive Outlook!

The Future has a Positive Outlook!

The Future has a Positive Outlook!

Bens Young Plants are looking forward to the second half of 2020!

As they reflect on the past few months, the highlight was the introduction of the Prunus laur. Sofia ('Zsófi'PBR) at Groot Groen Plus 2019.

In collaboration with Breederplants and Németh Gábor Péter, Bens Young Plants were able to market this particularly handsome Prunus laurocerasus. This plant also won the most coveted honorary medal: Gold!

Orders for 2021!

Meanwhile, the Prunus laur. Sofia ('Zsófi'PBR) stole the hearts of many. Due to its beautiful appearance and versatility, it has become one of the best on the market. In fact, the first orders for 2021 have already been placed!

Susanne Blom commented " In addition, we are still busy with new varieties within our Hydrangea paniculata range. We added several beautiful varieties in the past year, for example, including Hydrangea pan. Skyfall ('Frenne' PBR)."

Hydrangea pan. Skyfall ('Frenne' PBR)

New Line Within Range 

As for the 2020/2021 season, Bens Young Plants are introducing a new line within their range, namely the tray 28 (T28). This is a tray in which they will offer part of their range as p8 material. Here are some of the types included in this new line.

- Hydrangea pan. Baby Lace ('PIIHPI'PBR)
- Hydrangea pan. Diamant Rouge® ('Rendia'PBR)
- Hydrangea pan. Diamantino® ('Ren101'PBR)
- Hydrangea pan. Fraise Melba® ('Renba' PBR)
- Hydrangea pan. Limelight PBR
- Hydrangea pan. Pastelgreen® ('Rencolor'PBR)
- Hydrangea pan. Silver Dollar
- Prunus laur. 'Antonius' PBR
- Prunus laur. 'Novita'
- Prunus laur. Sofia ('Zsófi'PBR)

Expanding Line

Susanne continues " If you would like to see other varieties in our range in this size, please let us know. We are open to expand this line."