Surge in Demand for 'Green Spacers'

Surge in Demand for 'Green Spacers'

Surge in Demand for 'Green Spacers'

As lockdowns ease, the issue of social spacing has become more critical.

When leading Italian nursery Giorgio Tesi launched the idea of "green spacers", they could not have envisaged the high demand for this green solution.

This eco-sustainable option helps to maintain anti Covid-19 security measures in bars, restaurants, beaches and all other activity areas.

Customized for the Environment

A line of plants have been produced in many varieties and sizes. Clients can request a personalised spacer, in the choice of their plant and size.

Flowery shoulder pads, shrubs and fruit plants are customized for height, size and environmental conditions. These 'Green Spacers have therefore adapted to the current needs of the retail and leisure establishments.

Concept of its Time!

Italian bathing establishments have already started contacts to install these special "Green Social Spacers" and requests have already arrived from outside Italy, including France,Germany and the U.K.

This is clearly a concept of its time!