Green Screen Solutions

Green Screen Solutions

Green Screen Solutions

We all love a partition wall and right now, social distancing in offices has become critical.

Partition Walls are great barriers and now Green Team Interiors can provide beautiful Green Screens which are more than just effective at separating working areas.

Beautiful Green Screens

Their brand new range features display options for use in any size workplace which are ideal for creating ‘safe spaces’ for people to work, move around or relax.

Green Team Interiors can also supply containers in either corporate or different colours for individual parts of any room. This can assist people to quickly identify walkways, shared areas or private spaces.

Traffic-Flow Systems

Celebrating 20 years in business this year, Green Team Interiors can also work with you on creating traffic-flow systems and you can even have directional signs as an integral part of a display. So, it could be a straight choice between a beige/brown screen in one corner and a vibrant green screen in the other!

The Only Choice is Green

For more details about the Green Screen Collection please call or email. Check these out to see more evidence of why, when it comes to workplaces, it makes sense to Go Green! See the Digital version of the brochure below:

Visit their blog page here: