'Choco & Pink' Introduced for 2020!

'Choco & Pink' Introduced for 2020!

'Choco & Pink' Introduced for 2020!

Leading Nursery Boweco have introduced a new Rhododendron variety 'Choco & Pink'.

This has been launched by the Best Select group and Boweco will sell this new Cultivar in the U.K. and Southern Ireland. 'Choco & Pink' won a Silver Medal last year at Plantarium.

Eye-Catching Cultivar

This is an eye-catching new cultivar, mostly due to his colour contrast with young shoots and dark foliage. Besides this stunning foliage the cultivar also has a beautiful and rich pink flowering.

It is now unveiled as the Boweco 2020 Introduction for the U.K. Market. (In normal times, this would have been shown at Four Oaks).