A Thousand Colours of Euroflora

A Thousand Colours of Euroflora

A Thousand Colours of Euroflora

Euroflora will celebrate its 12th edition from 24 April to 9 May 2021 when La Superba will light up with a thousand colours of Euroflora. 

The event encompasses the Piazza De Ferrari to the Porto Antico, the Porticciolo di Nervi and the streets of the city centre.

Profound Experience

Genoa will provide visitors to Euroflora 2021 with a unique opportunity. Visiting Genoa on this particular occasion, in all its full spring beauty, will be a profound experience.

The charm of extraordinary specimens, rare collections and plans for a more city-friendly use of green sustainability will be in evidence.


Event of Rare Beauty

Euroflora is a unique opportunity for a promotional exercise that will be seen by both Italian and Foreign buyers, professionals in the sector, experts and enthusiasts. 

From large technical and aesthetic competitions to land art works, from surprising water features to rarities on display, Euroflora 2021 promises to be an event of rare beauty. 

From East to West in every corner of the city, there will be something to offer, discover, or taste!

Spectacular Flower Show

The most spectacular flower show in Europe, Euroflora awaits you in the wonderful environment of the Nervi Parks. Check out their impressive website to learn more!