Dual-Purpose Prunus

Dual-Purpose Prunus

Dual-Purpose Prunus

New for 2020 is the Prunus laurocerasus Bonaparte® (‘Flippi01’).

This plant is one of a group of products being handled by Genesis Plant Marketing in the UK on behalf of Plantipp BV. Prunus Bonaparte® is perfect for Hedging or as a stand alone Garden Shrub.

Dense Growth Habit

Prunus laurocerasus Bonaparte® has a dense, upright growth habit to a height of 250cm x 70cm. A Pink-White colour with hardiness to -22°C, flowering time is during Spring.

It's Foliage colour is Glossy green with new dark red shoots. It's pot performance is strong with glossy green foliage. It has a dense, upright growth habit which has a neat, uniform plant shape.

Sample Enquiries

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