Lavandula Set to be Top Selling Plant

Lavandula Set to be Top Selling Plant

Lavandula Set to be Top Selling Plant

As part of a new focus on plant industry trends, we look at potential retail sales for this time of year.

Groen-Direkt's sales statistics always provide a clear picture of the European garden plant trade. On the basis of sales history, they are looking at what results may be expected during June & July.

Flowering perennials of course do well in June and July. However, flowering and green shrubs are not inferior to this period, when you look at their sales value.

Top 5 June-July

Based on numbers:

1) Lavandula

2) Hydrangea

3) Sempervivum

4) Euonymus

5) Buxus

Based on Turnover:

1) Hydrangea

2) Lavandula

3) Buxus

4) Prunus

5) Buddleja

Fast-Growing Lavandula

Lavender is an all-time favourite and in recent years, sales have developed positively. Both in terms of turnover and numbers, the gender in the rankings is growing.

The plants are in the garden centres all year round, but sales peak in June when the product scores best visually. Smaller pots do well for hedges, for example. Large pot sizes score with their visual violence.

We spoke to specialist grower Lavendelplus in Ulvenhout. 

Angustiflolia in Larger Pots

Lavendelplus from Ulvenhout offers Angustifolia types in larger pot sizes from 23 to 32 cm. This nursery from the Brabant region grows the plants in the open ground for two to 2.5 years. In the marketing season they are potted in a lilac ornamental pot about seven to ten weeks before the time of sale.

By spreading out the potting season, the grower delivers a constant quality and reaches bud/flower stage from week 13 to week 28. Essence Purple' also accounts for a large part of the sales of this specialist lavender grower.

Sales Across Europe

The plants find their way to the whole of Europe, with the emphasis on the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England and Scandinavia.

Weekly Fairs Continue

The Groen-Direkt weekly plant fairs continue throughout this period.