Asperello® leads the field in biological control 

Asperello® leads the field in biological control 

Asperello® Leads the Field in Biological Control 

The biological fungicide Asperello® T34 Biocontrol® is the most an effective means of control for Pythium.

This was shown by new research performed by Dr Marta Streminska, from the Wageningen University & Research Greenhouse Horticulture & Flower Bulbs  Business Unit in Belgium.

In this study, which compared the effectiveness of eight different biological products and treatments against Pythium in cucumber crops, Asperello® came out on top.

Green Challenge Project 

The study is part of the Green Challenge project, which aims to reduce the use of chemical protection products and to develop new control measures for natural resistance. The focal point of this particular study was the control of underground diseases.

Good Experience in Practice

This test confirms the positive experiences of growers around the world. Growers in both the ornamentals and the vegetable sectors in the United States, Canada, France and Belgium obtain good results using Asperello® to control the fungal diseases Fusarium and Pythium.

Since January 2020, the use of Asperello® is now also permitted in the Netherlands in a range of products including cut flowers, potted plants, tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumber, brassica, nursery and perennials.