Desch Give Plants Added Value With Colour!

Desch Give Plants Added Value With Colour!

Desch Give Plants Added Value With Colour!

Matching pot colours to fashion trends was initiated by Desch Epla many years ago. This is still very popular and successful to this day.

Now all 140 colours can be viewed in a digital booklet.

Following Season

Twice a year, Desch's marketers are inspired by trend watcher Hilde Francq of Francq Colours with the colours that will play the leading role the following season. Desch carefully develop the colour trends and apply them to its own products. The trends are published in their own magazine 'Colour Your Story', which is published twice a year.

Pot-Plant Combinations

In addition to the three main colour trends, this magazine also contains attractive pot-plant combinations from various breeders and information about sustainable products. The colours are conveniently arranged by colour group. With such a richly varied range, the right match can be made quickly. A sample can be requested for a live product in colour.

Includes 19 Recover® Colours

In the digital booklet, the circular brand Recover® occupies its own unique place. Recover® is made of 'post-consumer' plastic; Cyclos HTP certified and can be recycled repeatedly. Now available in 19 colours. For more information, also visit