'Fibagro Advance' from ICL

'Fibagro Advance' from ICL

'Fibagro Advance' from ICL

Manufactured in the UK from home grown FSC sourced wood, Fibagro Advance is a new, improved and highly consistent woodfibre substrate. This is now available exclusively from ICL for the Professional Horticultural market. 

Timely Development

“Fibagro Advance is a timely development,” says ICL Sales Manager, Adrian Thirtle-Watts. “With the industry striving to significantly reduce reliance on peat, this product has a good environmental profile and offers security of supply." 

"With a lower carbon footprint compared to imported woodfibre, it has been rigorously trialled and shown to significantly improve consistency and performance of peat-reduced and peat-free growing media.”

Maximises Plant Quality

“Manufactured using ICL’s unique thermo-mechanical process and with the addition of our technically advanced fertilizers and wetting agents, Fibagro Advance significantly reduces the impact of these issues helping to maximising plant quality,” explains Dr Eleni Siasou, ICL’s Product and Development Manager for growing media.

Unique Matrix

Promoting high product consistency, ICL’s thermo-mechanical process produces ‘split end’ fibres which create a unique matrix when blended with raw materials such as peat, coir and bark. With low to medium bulk density, Fibagro Advance also helps reduce slumping.