Florensis and Desch Fusion for Charity

Florensis and Desch Fusion for Charity

Florensis and Desch Fusion for Charity

Earlier this month, the annual Fancy Fair should have taken place in Holland at Florensis.

Due to the corona virus this was cancelled this time. However, two months earlier, Florensis had already filled 2,000 sponsored 'Grow & Go' pots with their young plants.

Quick-Fire Sale

Regina Dinkla of Florensis said “We then organised a sales auction via the network of our employees and the Facebook followers of our Florensis Roparun team. With great success all baskets were sold out in a few days and we raised €12,000 for the Roparun Foundation and our charity projects in Kenya and Ethiopia!”


Three Year Sponsorship

For three years in a row, Desch has been a sponsor of 2,000 'Grow & Go' pots for the Florensis Fancy Fair. These pots have a unique watering system and just like 2019, these 'Grow & Go' pots continue to be specially made from Post Consumer Waste (PCW) plastic.

Beautiful Combinations

“With the beautiful plant combinations from Florensis and the special 'Grow & Go' hanging pot, the consumer can enjoy the entire summer! In this way we are happy to make our annual contribution to the Roparun Foundation, Desch Plantpak's Kees Waqué concluded with satisfaction.

Desch, sponsor of the hanging pots, made a nice video of the action, which can be viewed at https://vimeo.com/405554284