Unique and innovative sales instrument!

Unique and innovative sales instrument!

Unique and innovative sales instrument!

Years of preparations have resulted in a unique, innovative system to support sales staff and inform customers on the sales floor. Peak Retail offers an affordable, scalable and fully integrated solution changing touch screens, tablets and smartphones into smart selling tools.

The solution fully focuses on the sale of garden plants and related products. The system includes a database with extensive information and photo material of over 10,000 plants. What makes the system unique is that it is a source of information about the available assortment of garden plants and related products for the customer as well as the sales staff.

For the customer

The panels with touch screens provide the customer with extra information about their favourite garden plants. By means of the barcode scanner or the screen the customer can indicate about which plant he wishes to receive further information. The screen shows the plant’s chief characteristics and gives extra information on related products (e.g. trimming tools or fertilisers). When a customer has no idea what is a suitable plant for his garden, he can make a selection on the basis of product characterisics including flowering period, colour, height and planting location. The information displayed will help the customer make a choice. The system includes a feature to display products on offer at that moment.

Alternative product groups and links

The application’s flexible set-up enables the addition of other product groups. Thus the whole store can be fitted with one uniform, centrally controlled system. It stands to reason that links to cash point/stock control systems and even webshops can be created, guaranteeing a seemless integration and a multichannel approach.

Sales staff

The tablet and smartphone application is a great solution for the sales staff. They can answer customers’ questions and give advice on the relevant product carrying the system in their hands. Practice has shown that the system motivates sales staff to enter into a conversation with the customer, knowing that they are supported by the extensive information offered by Peak Retail.

Sales instrument

Peak Retail is interesting for various sales parties. The database content can be adapted to the sales party’s assortment. Peak Retail is the ideal solution for garden centres, supermarkets and DIY stores. In addition, the system is also quite suitable for exporters, dealers and large nurseries.

For further information or a demonstration please contact Sander Verhorik +31(0) 652 736 490, [email protected]. On www.peak-retail.com you can replace photos of various practical solutions as well as animations explaining the application.