Still Time to Create Colour!

Still Time to Create Colour!

Still Time to Create Colour!

All indications are that this spring season is going to continue much longer than usual.

Should the U.K. Government allow Garden Centres to re-open,  Ball Colegrave are in a strong position to meet the fresh demands ahead.

Good Plug Availability 

For the coming 4 weeks (21 to 24) Ball Colegrave have committed to offer extra seed-raised varieties, ideal for a quick turn crop, to replenish the huge pent up consumer demand for garden colour. This includes Alyssum, Dianthus, Impatiens, Lobelia, Marigold and Petunia.

Of course, there is no better bedding plant than the humble Busy Lizzie for offering incredible value for money!

Impatiens Beacon Mixed

Beacon® Impatiens 

The award winning Beacon® Impatiens with its high resistance to Downy Mildew, is a great example. These fill gardens fast with their incredible colours and can be sold in almost any container type, from 9/10cm pots or try multiple plugs in a 3-5 litre pot for a high retail impact plant.

Marigold Bonanza Mixed

How to Order

Log into WebTrack™ to check our full availability and order online. If you haven't yet registered with WebTrack™, it's quick and easy to do.

Otherwise, please contact your local Technical Sales Representative or Customers Services to place your order.