Flormart City Forum to set agenda for 2021

Flormart City Forum to set agenda for 2021

Flormart City Forum to set Agenda for 2021

The 71st edition of Flormart will now be held in September 2021.

This will include a range of activities dedicated to Horticulture, Nurseries, Green Infrastructure and Landscape Architecture.

Unprecedented Period

Luca Veronesi, CEO of Fiera di Padova said "Sector companies are dealing with an unprecedented period of emergency. This year, our work will culminate in a 2021 edition in the name of innovation and internationalisation."

Flormart 2021 will be transformed into a hybrid (both virtual and physical) event in a number of stages, starting with three online appointments for operators. This will be followed by an initial meeting in Padua with the Flormart City Forum on December 1st.

Benchmark Event

This will culminate in Flormart being held from 22nd to 24th September 2021. The current conditions, make it impossible for Flormart to be held in 2020.

The priority for operators in the floricultural and nurseries sector, who have always viewed Flormart as a benchmark event, is to tackle the serious crisis caused by the Covid19 virus epidemic.