Living Wall 'Symphony of Foliage' 

Living Wall 'Symphony of Foliage' 

Living Wall 'Symphony of Foliage' 

The Music Centre frontage at Nottingham Trent University has been enhanced by a majestic 38 square metre bespoke living wall.

Installed in Autumn 2019 and pictured here in its February 2020 flushes, the new Music Centre’s living wall not only adds a splash of natural beauty but will encourage biodiversity in its proximity.

Mobilane Cassette System

The LivePanel living wall cassette system was supplied by Mobilane and expertly affixed by plant design specialist installers Oasis Plants alongside the traditional buildings at Shakespeare Villas on the City Campus.

A Summer of Natural Colour

The University facilities team wanted to make a bold and vibrant statement on the exterior of this refurbishment project. The living wall was the finishing touch on a two-phase project on the site that saw the University Hall extended and the addition of the Music Centre.

The new building sits alongside the buildings originally constructed in 1854 and accommodates dance and music studio, dining facilities and is linked by a glass vestibule.

A Concerto of Campanula

The arrangement of plant varieties will create a concerto of colour in the warmer spring and summer months. Conducted by the Oasis team, the plant choice encompasses a blend of foliage and flower in over 1700 individual plants including ivy (Hedera Helix) and Euonymus, grasses (Carex) and Pachysandra.

The green wall will reach a crescendo with the full visual impact of striking blue Campanula flowers in the summer.