'Wake Up Your Garden'

'Wake Up Your Garden'

'Wake Up Your Garden'

Golden Grove Nursery have introduced a 'Wake Up Your Garden' collection for the spring period.

This leading U.K. Conifer grower collection has a fantastic range of plants designed to brighten up the garden after the dark winter months.

Vast Array of Colours

With a vast array of colours, there’s reds, blues, yellows, greens and creams to make the garden come alive again. With spring just around the corner, these varieties hold the promise of stunning new growth that will compliment each other and other plants in the garden.

Free Correx Board

Each trolley mix is supplied on one Danish trolley and is accompanied with a Free A2 correx board and 2m of bench tape. All plants are subject to availability. Golden Grove reserve the right to substitute if plants are unavailable.

Normal display terms apply – free for orders over £500 in England and Wales.

Collection Includes…

1 Litre plants – all x4

Blue Star, Brobecks Tower, Ellwoods Gold, Holger, Mirjam, procumbens Nana, Pyramidalis, Rheingold

3 Litre plants – all x4…

Alberta Globe, Blue Star, Boulevard, Ellwoods Gold, Fire Chief, Gitte, Holger, Mirjam, Sekkan-Sugi, Snow White, Standishii, Sungold, Wilma

7 Litre plants – all x2…

Blue Star, Fastigiata Robusta, Holger, Pyramidalis, Rheingold, Wilma

Price: £366.20 + VAT

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