Dendrobium is Chosen for March

Dendrobium is Chosen for March

Dendrobium is Chosen for March

Flower Council Holland have chosen the Dendrobium Orchid as their Houseplant Promotion for March.

Dendrobium features a sturdy stem with scales and leaves from which emerges a candle of idiosyncratic flowers. 

Value for Money

The structure means that this orchid has an attractive full look, a houseplant that really does offer value for money. 

Dendrobium is a popular orchid from the same family as Phalaenopsis, Cambria and Cymbidium. All these orchids are characterised by the classic structure of the flower with five sepals and petals, an attractive lip and a ‘column’.

Creates a Calming Effect

Dendrobium fits with the interiors trend in which the home is furnished in such a way that it appears to absorb and soften impacts from the outside.

Choose pots in colours such as nude, powder pink, grey-green with some dark green as a contrast and matt surfaces to create a calming effect.