Garden Trials & Trade 2020

Garden Trials & Trade 2020

Garden Trials & Trade 2020

The annual Garden Trials & Trade 2020 will be held from 8 to 10 June at a new location in Noorwegenlaan next to Groen-Direkt.

This move is the result of an initiative by Greenport Business Center, a founder of Garden Trials and Trade, which asked Groen-Direkt to host the upcoming edition.

Evening Opening

The event will open in the evening of 8 June, with participants and invited guests who will be the first to hear about the results of the KBVC inspections.

For Exhibitor Registration :

Learn More at IPM Essen

Information is available from today (January 28), during IPM Essen at the central square in the BIZZ Holland pavilion (8A40-7) and at the Groen-Direkt stand (8A6-6).